About The Blog

Created in February 2021, this blog is exactly as advertised- a collection of opinions, information, analysis and discussion points surrounding sport in Scotland. The blog will cover the wide variety of sports which the author follows, providing thought-provoking content to generate lively debate and discussing a range of issues from across the sporting world. 

The blog will primarily cover football and rugby, but will also seek to provide content aimed at promoting and informing the public about opportunities and current events in other sports in Scotland. Occasionally there will be articles not directly related to Scotland, but these too will be aimed at informing readers about sports they may not be as familiar with. 

As many of the articles on this website will be opinion pieces, reader participation is not only accepted but encouraged! Feel free to comment your thoughts underneath articles and share posts with others to help expand the debate. 

Finally, please bear with me as the website continues to develop and evolve over the first few months of its existence. Hopefully this will not cause any inconvenience for readers, and will lead to a high quality website that is easy for readers to navigate and interact with. In the meantime, I thank you for your patience.